Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chapter 119: Elemental

~ Before either Takyle or Jaden could reply to Andrew the box beeped again and a second panel popped open. After a short pause Andrew reached into the tiny compartment and pulled out a green and silver computer chip, snugly fitted into a clear protective case.

"Maybe we did do the right thing. Wonder what this is for," he said, passing the chip to Jaden.

"There is nothing else in the "instructions" that we were given," stated Takyle, leaning back.

"Well then maybe we're supposed to give this to Cmd. Ready-With-Information, now that we've gotten it out of the box," Jaden suggested.

"Could be." Takyle rose from her seat and crossed the room to open the door. In the war room the activities were still ongoing and it took a moment for Takyle to locate Cmd. Tucker and catch his eye. When she did get his attention he quickly strode over and immediately demanded an update.

"Well? Did you get it open?" Takyle paused a moment before answering.

"Yes...yes we did."

"Good; where is the chip?"

"In here, but may I ask you what it is for?" Takyle inquired. The commander tilted his head impatiently.

"I'll do you one better than that; bring the chip and you can come along and see for yourself." Takyle nodded and gestured for Jaden and Andrew. As they left the side room and followed Cmd. Tucker across the floor of the war room three other officers fell into step behind them, keeping a respectful distance, but very obviously not just coming along for interest's sake. Jaden felt himself stiffen slightly in either nervousness or excitement. He glanced over at Andrew to make sure that he had noticed as well. Andrew met his eye for only the briefest of moments and it was more than enough to let Jaden know that he was aware of their escort.

"Play it cool and see what happens," Jaden thought to himself. "This could be nothing."

On the opposite side of the room the commander led the entire group through yet another door, but this one into a chamber with several large control panels set against three of the walls. Cmd. Tucker sat down in front of one of them and held out his hand without looking at any member of Team 6.

"Give me the chip," he ordered. At Takyle's nod, Jaden stepped forward and placed the tiny piece of plastic and metal in the commander's open hand. ~

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