Friday, September 25, 2009

Chapter 122: Disambiguation

~ Jaden stood unmoving, his heart in his throat and his entire attention fixed upon the vague shape of Takyle's arm in his peripheral vision. As if in slow motion he saw her arm begin to withdraw from her pack and in her hand he caught the blue glint of gun steel. Beside him Andrew started to spin away, smoothly pulling his knife as he turned, and Jaden followed. He saw a look of surprise falling over the faces of the officers behind them.

"This has to be quick. This has to be quick or we could be in big trouble."

Jaden and Andrew reached the two men at the door before they were able to finish opening their mouths to shout a warning. Jaden gave a quick chop with his left hand to knock the hand of the officer in front of him away from his weapon and then followed up with another blow to the man's windpipe. The soldier gasped and clutched as his throat, vainly struggling to get a breath. Beside him Andrew already had the other man immobilized with one arm trapped behind his back and a dagger at his throat.

As Jaden and Andrew had moved on the guards, Takyle had crossed the room and spun the commander's chair around to use him as a shield, pressing the barrel of her gun to his temple. By that time the third officer had turned around and reached for his own gun. He looked panicked as he tried to decide how to act.

"Order them to stand down and keep quiet," Takyle hissed at the commander. "Do it now!"

"Do what she says," Cmd. Tucker ordered, his voice breaking slightly from the gruff monotone he had been using. Jaden almost laughed. The man was scared; he wasn't going to offer much, if any resistance.

"Disarm them, Andrew," said Takyle, retaining her hold on Cmd. Tucker. Andrew quickly pulled the guns of the two officers held by Jaden and himself and then gestured at the third officer.

"Hey you, slide your sidearm into the middle of the room and lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head." When all three officers were on the floor Takyle turned Cmd. Tucker to face her.

"Alright then, now I feel like we can talk." ~

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